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Copaines Foods India LLP
Food Processing Manufacturing (Micro enterprise)

ABOUT US. "Jovita" is the symbol of assured,natural,healthy, traditional food products.Jovita food products are developed and approved by the government agencies such as KERALA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY (KAU),Indian council of agricultural research (ICAR),and All India co-ordinated research projects(AICRP).To maintain the quality of our products we do always collect the raw materials directly from farmers and reliable sources. Our company"COPAINES FOODS INDIA LLP"has its own quality maintaining policy.we do never compromise with quality.It is a privilege we provide to our customers with a market place advantage that is critical in sustaining a point of difference in today's competitive world.we aim to ensure they can trust us to source,make,distribute and market our brands in a way that is beneficial to them and the world we share.we are also committed in delivering quality food products to our domestic and international customers. OUR MISSION Our mission is to create s good relationship with the consumers of our products and services.It is by fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the national and global communities.We are sure to achieve our mission by producing and marketing 100% natural, healthy and traditional food products with the technology and quality assurance assistance from government agencies like KAU,ICAR,AICRP. OUR VISION. ..Be natural & Be healthy Our vision is to place ourselves among the global manufacturers and marketers of food and agricultural products.For that we do always keep the quality of the products in a high level."Jovita"is a trusted brand of our customers.so we are with the people to unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.It is we do with every product we develop.Join with our mission to nourish the people . Manufactured by,... ............................... COPAINES FOODS INDIA LLP RS ROAD. KULUKKALLUR(.PO) PALAKKAD..DIST KERALA.....679 337 INDIA CONTACT WEBSITE:: www.copainesfoods.com Email... copainesfoods@gmail.com jovitafoods@gmail.com 0091 9747028611 0091 8943552211 Contact 0091 8943552211 JOVITA BANANA POWDER It is a hot traditional health food.It is one of the best alternative s to processedwheat floor We can make porridge, cookies,cakes,shakes,bread and many more items like thickening agent for morning smoothie,baking brownies,Hales and other breakfast items.Hete are the reasons why we should consume Banana powder irrespective of age.The presence of resistant starch in banana powder helps to control blood sugar.so it is a very good food for diabatics.Banana is full of nutrients.The prebiotic fibre in banana powder is more powerful and beneficial for our bellies than probiotics.so it helps to gain a flatter stomach and helps digestion and help with weight loss.This highly nutritious banana powder is rich in minerals and vitamins, including zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese and potassium.Banana powder lower colestrol, boosts heart health and aids nerve and muscle activity.It is also low glycemic index and gluten free. This nutritious powder can be given to babies after six months.Banana powder helps building immunity in babies.It is power packed with potassium and other vital nutrients.It is easy to digest.Banana powder helps in the development of healthy brain ,born and eye sight in babies. Ragi-Banana Ragi is a traditional super food for any age group of people. It is one of the best weight gaining food for babies. Ragi is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and B1. The calcium content in ragi helps the child in bone development. It improves blood production. Fiber content aids digestion and makes the baby feel full. Amino acids in ragi reduces cholesterol level. The natural iron in ragi prevents anemia in children. The antioxidants in ragi keeps the child relaxed and cuts down the risk of diabetes. The presence of amino acid improves skin and hair health. JOVITA MULTIGRAIN HEALTH MIX JOVITA MULTIGRAIN HEALTH MIX is a traditional blend of essential vitamins ,minerals and protein.It is a family health mix ,rich in iron,calcium,fiber, vitamin c and antioxidants.It is low carb high energy product and 100% gluten free. The richness of amino acids in this health mix is more beneficial than any other food. The antioxidants in our health mix provides more health benefits. It is a low glycemic health mix and is ideal for diabetic patients,lactating women and pregnant ladies. This health mix can control blood sugar and blood pressure.Jovita multigrain health mix boosts stamina and immunity. This product helps to keep our bones healthy. It is easy to digest ,and is 100% natural and free from any colours and preservatives.One can enjoy the health benefits of millets from our multigrain health mix. Navara rice - BANANA It is a healthy medicinal grain for any age group. It is a very good natural weaning food for babies. Navara rice is a good food for anemia and diabetic patients. Navara rice improves immunity system, digestion and metabolism. It improves growth of RCB's. Navara rice is a natural energizer and strengthens bone and increases weight. It provides a good dose of vitamin B, minerals like zinc, iron, protein and fiber. It also consists of antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids. It is nutritious and easily digested food. Rice-Banana Nearly half of the world population get nearly 50% of their calories from rice. The brown rice we use in our products is with its bran layer intact.Brown rice is a diabetic friendly food grain which lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates and fiber. The vitamins and minerals in brown rice helps in performing vital functions of the body. The antioxidants in brown rice reduces the risk of cancer. It is a good choice for Celiac diseases and it is a 100% glutton free. Wheat-Banana Wheat is a rich source of carbohydrates fiber, iron other vitamins and minerals. Wheat helps the child gain weight. It prevents iron deficiency and constipation. Wheat supports healthy digestion and lowers the risk of stroke, diabetic and and heart diseases. The numerous nutritive constituents in wheat play an important role in carrying out physical development and mental growth of the baby in the early years. Wheat also provides sufficient energy. BANANA _OATS It is recommended for babies to start solid foods when they reach six months of age.Jovita BANANA _OAT meal contains high amount of fiber , magnesium, iron and,zinc It is gentle on digestion and prevents constipation.This product blends with other foods and promotes health.calcium and phosphorus build bone strength .Iron helps tackle anaemia.Potassium and sodium develops the neurological functions of the body.Magnesium helps to generate energy and improve dental and bone health.The vitamins in this product is an essential supplement for the growth and development of babies and also the diabetics. The anti oxidant in this product can lower the risk of heart failure.This is also a good source of energy.